Are all injectables fillers the same? Why choose Dr. Lin?

Like an artist with paint, every doctor has a favorite formula they like to use.

They say, the best plastic surgery is undetectable which makes all the more reason to do your homework and never settle for a discounted rate.

Hear what our patient say:

I went to see Dr. Lin, who I highly recommend because he’s gentle and is the type of doctor who will honestly tell you when you don’t need something. He won’t overdo a procedure understanding that you’re a walking billboard of his work. Nobody likes a doctor who tries to up-sell you on all kinds of different things that you’re not seeking. Plus, he’s a dermatologist who specializes in facial procedures so he understands how the face works and reacts. These are all crucial characteristics to look for when searching for medical artistry in the form of a needle.


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Should I try injectables fillers ?