Painless Hair Removal Lasers

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Virtually Painless Hair Removal Lasers
Remember no-pain, no-gain? It doesn’t have to apply to laser hair removal. Alma’s Soprano Family offers the right benefits that culminate in a treatment that minimizes the chances of negative side effects and maximizes patient comfort.

FDA cleared for all skin types (Fitz I – VI) and tanned skin

Safe to treat patients all year round

Gold standard 810 nm laser diode

This new technology is faster, more effective, and more comfortable than other hair removal systems.

“I have tried other hair removal laser before and I could not stand the pain, even with numbing cream. I don’t even need numbing cream with this laser” – Sally, Beverly Hills.

“I am African-American with dark skin. I can’t believe that this laser actually worked on me. No burns or pigmentation changes.”- Angie, Sherman Oaks.